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Real Estate Litigation Specialists

Real estate law is one of the most technically complex areas of law. Improper handling of real estate matters is one of the highest areas of attorney malpractice. With the complexity of today's laws, attorneys in general practice cannot be expected to have the depth of understanding or the degree of experience required for the efficient management of real estate dispute resolution.

Recognizing the need for experienced specialists in this area, Andrew J. Wiegel narrowed the focus of his legal work to matters of concern to real estate clients over 30 years ago, founding the practice which has become Wiegel & Fried, LLP, a specialty law firm dedicated to the representation of clients involved in real estate-related disputes.

We resolve disputes over the rights of property and business owners relating to real estate. We have extensive experience with the problems that can arise in real estate purchases, leasing, co-ownership, foreclosures, construction, boundary and easement disputes.

We are well versed in the application of rent control laws and represent property owners in housing litigation, evictions and the defense of wrongful eviction and habitability suits brought by tenants.

We have a proven track record in civil writ and appellate work on behalf of property owners and industry groups, including published decisions curtailing the attempts of government to strip away the rights of property ownership.

We are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism in providing legal services. Because we have been consistently successful in maintaining those standards, the firm has long enjoyed an AV rating, the highest rating available, from Martindale-Hubbell, and a solid reputation in the legal field. Both partners of the firm have for many years been recognized region wide as "Super Lawyers" by that independent peer review survey.

The attorneys of Wiegel & Fried, LLP have won many cases in San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, San Mateo and surrounding counties in court trials, in front of juries, through arbitration and before courts of appeal. We always seek the most cost effective path to resolution for our clients, and have successfully negotiated the satisfactory settlements of scores of additional disputes, informally and through formal mediation proceedings.